A Letter to My Children (and to all of yours)

As most of you know, I created my blog, Stuff Mother Taught Us, as an honour to the wisdom that my Mummy has imparted to us growing up. I’ve always encouraged Mummy to write a book of some kind so that others may benefit from her teachings and well, this Mother's Day, us kids actually got a gift in the form of a letter that I have been allowed to place on my blog. She was very touched that I asked her to place this letter here to share with all of you.  I pray you find value within her words as we all have.

My darling children,

I feel greatly blessed to see you all grow up to be such successful people, in both the spiritual and worldly sense.  Perhaps you don’t need this advice, but I guess it can never do harm to be reminded once in a while of the things that are most important in life - and besides you can read it to your kids, use it to advise your dear friends and to share it with those who you hope would value its meaning. 

I know that you all see me as the ever-patient mummy that can face any situation and is always ready with a wise word and a warm embrace. This makes me supremely happy to hear as it’s the type of mother I always wanted to be, but you must know that it would never have been possible without my faith in almighty God. I would hope when you become parents yourself that spirituality, patience, discipline and affection are the foundations upon which you build your family. If these four principles underpin every thought you have and every decision you make, there is not much that can go wrong. No matter what decision you ever make, think first how these four principles apply to it before you go forward and you should be safe in the knowledge that you will be making the right one. Walls can fall down around your ears and still you will have everything it takes to stand up, with a smile and carry on with a strong heart. This is the example your children will follow, even if there are others in their life that might be determined to drag them down, or direct their character in the wrong way. 

Regardless of your love for God and your opinions, you must teach your children never to judge another person by their faith or any difference in their background. Everyone should be free to love their God, country and their beliefs, the same as you are free to love yours. You will notice that those who appear to be religious from their garb on the outside may disappoint you with their words and actions, which are far from containing spiritual content. You will hear them back-bite and gossip and judge others in a spiteful manner. You will see them indulge in behaviour that seems unsuitable for one who never tires of preaching to others. And then there are those who deem themselves better than you, maybe they have good careers, or are more wealthy than you, or possess a superior education, but what you will be saddened by is how arrogant and competitive they are and you may be shocked by their strange bondage to material things. All their success or education will seem wasted to you when you realise that after all they have learned, they still do not see that there is not one person that is better than another and that the good graces that have touched their lives could be taken away in a second. No matter how wealthy someone may seem, the true gold is in their character. But remember this: no matter how many people you meet that make you doubt humanity, remember that people are inherently good and people are wonderful. Respect everyone you meet and make it a habit never ever to judge anyone. You never know what people have been through or are going through in their lives. Be forgiving and considerate and offer compassion to those who may behave intolerably; these people are usually the ones living through some form of pain that is invisible to you. By no means though allow people to take advantage of your kindness.  There will be some that are intent on speaking or behaving disrespectfully towards you, but they should be ignored and you must never allow them to hold even an ounce of power over your emotional wellbeing. Do not let people pull you down with their thoughts or actions, rather, you be the leader of great moral character and pull people up toward you and the light of how to behave in this world.

Life is to be cherished and enjoyed in each and every single moment, so never forget that as you go out to work or return home to your families. There is so much beauty to be experienced and shared and there is simply no excuse for anything less than joyful days. The world really is your oyster and you are in complete control of the treasures you seek from her. Don’t compare yourself to anyone. Identify your skills, master them and the passion that will naturally follow will allow you to build your life’s work. You must always work hard and this way you will be happy to do so and it will be easier to enjoy your life. Do not let your ego be wounded by what others possess or have achieved. You must not make light of their efforts, instead respect and appreciate their work and continue on your journey to achieving that which you desire.  Do not allow yourself to criticise people, nor complain about situations you don’t have any intention of changing and whatever you do, never blame others for your failures. It is inevitable that there will be people who break your trust, but always forgive them and never think about taking revenge. However, try never to keep their company again, unless it is unavoidable – and then deal with them in kindness and respect.  

Before I close this letter, I have some final words about your families. Your partner should be your best friend, who should be dedicated to your happiness, as you must be to theirs. Love and care for one another and give each other great honour and respect. Don’t become lazy in being kind to one another or forgetful in keeping your manners.  You and your partner must be on the same page with everything in your lives. You must be absolutely determined to get your family on a path of usefulness, purpose and unity. If together you don’t have the same goals for your family, there will always be struggle and it will affect every member of the family. Don’t force your views on anyone, but instead have family discussions where everyone is allowed to have their voice heard and respected and make your decisions based on these meetings. Remember that your children will learn from your actions, not from what you say, so always be the prime example of a beautiful human being with one another. Be the best you can be in front of them, always behaving with exemplary moral character and conduct. You are their role models and this you must never forget and therefore must relinquish bad habits that could become theirs. Your health is your greatest wealth and as such you must always respect your body by having an active and healthy lifestyle and by eating healthily and consciously and keeping yourself strong. Eating together, praying together and respectful, combined decision-making will create incredible bonds within your family. People measure their riches in different ways, but remember that where one cannot smile, there is no life. Make your home one of love and laughter and true success will surely follow. 

When I was at the stage in life that you are all pretty much entering now, I felt that maybe you had to accept the situations you were in. I didn’t realise the power within each of us to stand up against what was wrong in our lives; we all just put up with horrible situations and people that were determined to keep us down. I wish I had someone to tell me all this then, but that is why it is so important I write this letter for you.  Whatever you decide to do in life, always keep God beside you and I assure you that through everything, you will always be strong, successful and happy. God is your best friend, share all your secrets with Him, talk with Him and take your love, strength and guidance from Him. 

I love you my darlings, Mummy

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Peace, Stuff Mother Taught Us

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